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Welcome to ECC, a Christian Evangelical Church committed to providing bible teaching and presenting the good news of Jesus Christ. Our services are designed to help people grow in their faith, connect with others, and serve the community. We believe that everyone has a unique purpose and calling, and our aim is to help you discover yours.

Feel free to listen to our sermons or visit our YouTube page for our archive sermons. 

Breaking of Bread 

As a Christian church, our faith is focused on the events of the first Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


At the Last Supper, Jesus Christ shared bread and wine with His disciples to reflect the sacrifice He was about to make on the cross.


Our members, therefore, meet every Sunday at 10.00am to remember these events and to give thanks for the forgiveness which that sacrifice secured for us.


​If you would like to take part in this service, or to become a member of Edgewell Christian Centre, please drop in and chat with us or get in touch at:

Sunday Service

Following the Breaking of Bread service at around10.50am we break for refreshments and chat, and we invite all visitors to stay for our Sunday service, which takes place every Sunday morning at 11.15 am.


We warmly welcome all visitors to our service where we sing worship hymns and songs, pray together, and hear a Christian message relevant for us today.


It is a time when we can collectively enjoy the wonder of the greatness of God in reaching down to mankind in His unfailing love and grace.

We hope to see you soon.

Bible study
Bible teaching
Bible Study


We meet together at 7.00pm on the third Friday of each month for our monthly bible study. [see events calendar for further details].   


This is a time when we meet together to take a more in-depth look into the Bible, to study and discuss a range of different topics and collectively build a better understanding of scripture.


Following our bible study we enjoy fellowship with each other over supper.



In a cosy corner of the lounge at the Manors housing complex in West Wylam we enjoy an hour of chat over coffee and biscuits with some of the lady residents. The time includes a short bible reading and a relevant poem that leads us into a precious time of fellowship and discussion around the Word of God. 


We meet on the first and third Thursday in the month at 11.00am until noon.


The Manors Housing Complex

Adderlane Road


NE42 5ET

Bible study group
Women 4 Women
Manor's Outreach

On the first Sunday in each month we meet up at The Manors for a short service of praise that is open to anyone. This includes a range of popular hymns interspersed with a bible message, prayer and an encouraging poem.


Additionally, to commemorate the enduring truths of Easter and Christmas, special services are held.


First Sunday in each month - 1.15pm

The Manors Housing Complex

Adderlane Road


NE42 5ET

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